Art from A Bullet for My Love by Octavus Roy Cohen 
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PULP COVERS: The Hungry One

She'd try anything for kicks
1966 Gold Medal paperback original cover art by Barye Phillips

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Keep abreast of the latest in modern & retro pulp with a bang!
Keep abreast of the latest in modern & retro pulp with a bang!

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In my Midnight Reader series, CURIOUS is my top-selling eBook (also most-borrowed by #kindleunlimited & #AmazonPrime members), followed by Bad Boy, Rascal and Stranger.


In paperback, the full MIDNIGHT READERTwelve Erotic Tales collection takes the top spot for most copies sold. ~JF

Cyber Monday — Here's what caught my eye…

The Girl with the Long Green Heart by Lawrence Block
Bank Shot by Donald E. Westlake
Save the Last Dance for Me by Ed Gorman
The Listening Eye by Patricia Wentworth
The Baby in the Icebox by James M. Cain
The Hot Spot by Charles Williams
The Spy and the Thief by Edward D. Hoch
The Swimming Pool by Mary Roberts Rinehart
The Dog Who Bit a Policeman by Stuart M. Kaminsky
Shellshock by Richard S. Prather
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye by Horace McCoy
Slipping Into Darkness by Peter Blauner
Long Live the Dead by Hugh B. Cave

Mrs. Stevens Hears the Mermaids Singing by May Sarton
Shockproof Sydney Skate by Marijane Meaker
The Magician's Girl by Doris Grumbach
Eye Contact by Michael Craft 
Hold Tight by Christopher Bram
The Men from the Boys by William J. Mann
Where the Boys Are by William J. Mann
The Lord Won't Mind by Gordon Merrick
One for the Gods by Gordon Merrick
Forth Into the Light by Gordon Merrick
Perfect Freedom by Gordon Merrick
The Sound of Heaven by Joseph Olshan
Wolverine Cirque by Joseph Olshan 

Boy's Life by Robert R. McCammon
Mystery Walk by Robert R. McCammon
Usher's Passing by Robert R. McCammon
The Compendium of Srem by F. Paul Wilson
Babel-17 by Samuel R. Delany
Lot Lizards by Ray Garton
The New Neighbor by Ray Garton
This Perfect Day by Ira Levin 
Those Who Hunt the Night by Barbara Hambly
Chthon by Piers Anthony
Nightwings by Robert Silverberg
Blood Music by Greg Bear
Adulthood Rites by Octavia E. Butler 



A subversive neo-pulp movement is afoot in publishing and through his syndicate JEFF FUNK is collecting pieces of the PULP CHRONICLES


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Enchanted Evening…


STRANGER • Come along for a naughty romp in this collection of three short stories by erotica author, Jeff Funk.
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All I Want for Christmas is Bernie!

Grand Master Crime Writer, Lawrence Block, has come out of retirement—and the result? Bernie's back! This time, however, the book is entirely a Lawrence Block production, as it's his first full-blown foray into self-publishing. I've preordered my copy so those elves at the print factory will have to work on Christmas day! Heh heh. JF

[Guest Post] My Life as a Lesbian by LAWRENCE BLOCK

Posted Nov 14, 2013 on LB's site

Here’s an email I received the other day:

“How very nice of you to send along what must be one of the first copies of The Burglar Who Counted The Spoons! I look forward to getting acquainted with Bernie. And I must say, the book itself is very handsome—love the cover illustration. I will take it with me on the plane when I make a brief dash to New York next month for my publisher’s honors event at the Anti-Defamation League’s annual dinner. 
Ann Bannon, author of Bebo Brinker

”Attached is a snapshot of me just before a panel discussion last night at the San Francisco Public Library. You should know that your name came up and elicited applause! The title of the panel was, ‘The Fabulous World of Queer Pulp, Yesterday and Today.’ We had a really excellent turnout, and people did seem to enjoy it. I always tell them that you and I and Marijane are the last three survivors of that era…”

The email’s author—and the stunning woman in the photograph—is Ann Bannon, whose pioneering lesbian novels were an inspiration when I was writing my own, first as Lesley Evans and then as Jill Emerson. (Marijane Meaker was another role model; I was an avid reader of both her Vin Packer novels of psychological suspense and her Ann Aldrich lesbian nonfiction long before I knew one person wore both those hats.)

I met Marijane a couple of years ago at a film class of Kurt Brokaw’s, and last year I got to know Ann at Gary Lovisi’s annual Collectible Paperback show. I can’t tell you how gratified I was when Ann embraced me as one of the last of the midcentury lesbian novelists. We renewed our acquaintance last month, again at Gary’s show, and, accompanied by her daughter, ducked out for a very pleasant lunch afterward. But actually we’d met without meeting a few years earlier. Terry Gross devoted an NPR episode of Fresh Air to classic lesbian fiction, and both Ann and I were invited. Terry’s guests almost invariably participate from a distance, although you’d swear she was talking to them face to face. I happened to be in Philly that day, and so arranged to show up in person. During a break, Terry said to me, “But Larry, you’re not actually a lesbian.” “Terry,” I said, “that’s only an accident of birth.”

LB writing as Jill Emerson
Well then. Here’s a link to that program, now available (astonishingly!) as an download for the irresistible price of $2.95.

Jill Emerson: One of the 50 Shades of Lawrence Block

via Open Road Media Videos

Kindle Matchbook

Torn between eBooks and print? Have both! —JF
Now collectors can have perfect paperbacks and a well-thumbed Kindle. Introducing kindle matchbook. With the purchase of a paperback, you can get the Kindle Edition for $2.99 or less

This is available for all of my books—and it’s retroactive, so folks with good taste who’ve already acquired the paperback series can click for a discounted Kindle copy of Bad Boy, Curious, Rascal, Stranger and Midnight Reader. Pulp paperbacks. Retro and cool!

Richard Laymon's Classic Vampire Novel Back in Print

Richard Laymon is one of my all-time favorite authors. I used to pay hefty shipping rates to get his books from the UK or Australia, as he had become somewhat of a rock star in those countries, especially for people who like hardcore horror. Admittedly, it's not for everyone, but "Laymonites," as we're called, can't get enough of his novels. His style is amazing. I love how unpredictable his plots are, and his characters are dangerous. The first time I saw Bite in America was inside a mall, and I was thrilled because it signaled that Laymon had found an American publishing house that respected his work. Bite is classic Laymon-style horror, and a departure for him—rarely did he write about vampires. I think you'll enjoy the ride! —JF