GAVIN'S GAME — Gavin Atlas reveals books from his bedroom!

The Midnight Reader game begins tonight with our first guest, Gavin Atlas. Enjoy!
— J.F.

Getting to Know Gavin Atlas From Peeking Under His Bed

By Gavin Atlas

While Gavin slept, we woke up a couple of Gavin’s friends to have them poke around under his bed to see what could be learned.

Boretto the Bunny decided to show us a small array of items he claims illuminate Gavin’s personality succinctly. Clean, white briefs for the illusion of innocence combined with toy handcuffs. Mr. Bunny reports that Gavin has said, “real ones hurt too much.” What else did Mr. Bunny find? Interracial porn where black conquers white, a book with the word Slave, a book fetishizing Daddies, and non-fiction about how to be a hustler or porn star. And one penny. Yep. Gavin in a nutshell.

Chalcedony the Green Bear displayed a wider variety of treasures. Guides to porn movies, porn worker non-fiction, erotica anthologies and a science fiction paperback by Kyle Stone. Chalcedony noted that it seemed like Gavin was a safety-oriented, if busy, boy.

Uh, oh. Here’s Gavin now…

Hey, what are you all doing awake? Oh, hi Midnight Reader audience! By the way, I hope you animals plan on doing my laundry because that blue underwear underneath those books was clean, too.

Wow, look at it all.

What I’ve learned from the under-bed discoveries is this: Look at the covers of Beautiful Boys and Wonder Bread and Ecstasy. Those are bottom porn stars Kevin Kramer (the blond) and Joey Stefano. An acquaintance of mine told me I am a latent top as I’m fascinated with other bottom boys the way a top is. I still have never done anything of the top-ish sort, but I guess there is his proof.

Second, I am SO un-intellectual that I suspect I’ve never read anything in A Century of Gay Erotica because the book looks like something where I’ll need Cliffs Notes. Let’s open it now…

Okay, it’s from 1998 and published by Masquerade Books. (I miss them.) The authors (editors?) credited on the cover are Phil Andros, Samuel R. Delany, John Preston, Larry Townsend, and Aaron Travis. The book contains a number of stories by “Anonymous” including Teleny (an excerpt, I guess) which I believe is suspected to have been written by Oscar Wilde. There are also selections from Kevin Killian, Pat Califia, Derek Adams, and D.V. Sadero – oooohkayyy, yes, I HAVE opened this book before. D.V. Sadero drives me crazy like no other erotica author. This is a selection (actually two selections) from his book called Revolt of the Naked. The way he thinks is the way I think times a hundred. The humiliation of being defeated and fucked—It’s so unhealthy for me to view bottoming in that light, and I’ve wondered about D.V.’s psychology for a long time and as well as what D.V. is (was?) like in real life.

By the way, I’ve never seen a copy of Revolt of the Naked, and it appears a used copy of the mass market paperback will now cost you about $200.

Third, we have that volume of Flesh and the Word. It beings with a quote:
"If a writer uses literary craft to provoke sexual delight, he is doing an artist’s job."
— Kenneth Tynan, theater critic & writer (1927-1980)

This volume (I have Volume One) does not contain “Party Meat” by D.V. Sadero which is a mind-blowing blast of rough sex. I do like a lot of erotic fiction by a variety of authors, but usually for humor, dialogue, story, and so forth. Very little of it turns me on. Party Meat’s fantasy is too embarrassing to describe, but consent is not a concern for these tops. Wow, do I want to be the object of their attention. It’s the single hottest erotic scene I’ve ever read.

The volume under my bed contains the D.V. Sadero story titled “They Call Me Horsemeat” which was a variation on Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment involving dick size. What was more exciting is that I’ve wondered FOR YEARS who the heck D.V. Sadero was. Male? Female? This book is the first place I’ve ever found a bio for him. He is (was?) indeed a guy. Sadero is a pen name. When this book was published (1992) Sadero was a private investigator in San Francisco. He was also a former lifeguard and newspaper reporter, and for this story, he wrote as “Rick Lane.” The bio says “Much of his material comes from personal experience and the rest from asking half-drunk men in bars ‘what’s the weirdest sex you’ve ever had?’”
Sadero is my sex-writing idol.

Fourth, that small sci fi paperback is by Kyle Stone. For anyone who says women cannot write gay porn, this proves them wrong. It’s intense.

Last, I think I have a horny gay ghost. I never jerk off to books, magazines or still photos. And yet, if you look at the photo above of Lukas Ridgeston on Superstars, it looks like there’s a come stain, doesn’t it? They seem to magically appear on covers of my porn star directories and monographs, but, as you see below, this one…actually isn’t even there.

Gavin Atlas's first collection, The Boy Can't Help It: Sensual Stories of Young Bottoms (Lethe Press), was a TLA Gaybies nominee. Follow Gavin Atlas on and LiveJournal.

Do you desire it? Touch him & start reading in seconds.

(Scribble a whisper)


  1. Those red hot sheets & pillow cases shout Erotica Writer!

  2. Do they shout Accountant Boyfriend of an Erotica Writer? They are his sheets although, yeah, I'm often found in them. :)

    If I had sheets or bedding that matched my personality, what would it look like? Hmm...ah. White cotton sheets, clean but probably threadbare, and a mess of mismatched pillows.

  3. Hey Gavin, I got a few Atlas condoms from the bar. Is this your brand?

  4. Hmm, maybe so! I've never tried them though, or I guess mean, I've never been with a guy who has used them to the best of my knowledge. What's different about them? I pretty much only buy Trojan although obviously I can tell from my collection that I've acquired some Lifestyles and Durex, and some of those I probably bought because the Trojan equivalent (like extra strong) wasn't available. Looking forward to trying Atlas, I guess. :)

  5. Crown Skinless Skin—best condom I've found. I can't find them anywhere around here, so I order 'em off of Condom Depot. They're super duper whoooper thin latex so a fella can FEEL something for godsake.