HEADER by Edward Lee

What's a Header!? I've heard tales...

Seems it's some form of "redneck retribution" between feuding families. Far too gory for me to describe here. Shee-it, you'll have to see for yourself to believe it. However the book is far worse, I assure you. We'se talkin' about Edward Lee, the literary master of hardcore horror. Necro Publications's specialty. Can you handle it?

Since she's seen the coffee mugs and all the crazy shit I've collected, my mom finally had the nerve to ask, "What's a header?" and once I gave her the rundown—

Oh, yes.

—she was stunned. I could see her envisioning the crime. Jeeminy, Lee! See what you did to my poor ma? She already has trouble sleeping. Bum ticker. Then again, Granny loved your "Dritiphilist" story. Raved about it. What are ya gonna do? We like dark humor and erotic horror. All of us—the whole family. It is what it is.

(Scribble a whisper)


  1. You should put out a book of all your short stories. Like a "greatest hits" of erotica.
    Title suggestions for sale: "In A Funk" or "FUNKy Gay Shorts".

  2. Oh, I've got a title that'll raise some eyebrows. Heh heh. As for your own reading material, what do you have hidden away (i.e. which book would you NOT want a coworker to see)? Gurl, show us!

  3. HEADER by Edward Lee. I might puke just thinking about it.