TOM OF FINLAND — If you're like me, you may have noticed a decline in the economy, thus your budget for smut has suffered. Gurl, the folks in the Sexy Books division of TASCHEN have outdone themselves.

They put out a hardcover of Tom of Finland—with a panic jacket: turn it inside out & the wrap is a dull fuckin' Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the WEALTH OF NATIONS by Adam Smith, blah blah. Boring enough to make a kid's eyes glaze from longing to get back to their video games. Yet you can have your smut tucked in your bookshelves hiding in plain sight. Is that not genius? Kudos to TASCHEN for showing off their naughty intellect and sneakiness—and for fighting the good fight: to spread smut worldwide, one dirty thought, one dirty picture at a time. I stand with you to stimulate mankind.

Oh, and damn—almost forgot the best part: it's friggin $10.19! For a hardcover of fine quality Tom of Finland art of the gay male figure doing what nature calls him to do—for ten bucks? That's a bargain. This is the first smutty book of the year to make the cut—I'm announcing it—this earns the Midnight Reader Smut Budget Must-Have Seal of Approval™!

Addendum: Straight guys, I wouldn't want you to feel left out. If you have a spare $1300.00, you can get Hugh Hefner's Playboy, 6 Volumes. And look at this: you can leaf through Howard Huang's Urban Girls. Thumb the hell out of it online like well-thumbing the smut in the back corner of the bookstore and then not buying it. Taschen lets ya do it on their site! I love that there's even a satisfying page turn as you peruse and anticipate each thumb-flip. (Some male habits never change do they?)

(Scribble a whisper)

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  1. TOM'S men. Wish they could hop off the page and join me in bed.