BEDROOM READING SERIES — D.V. Sadero & Gavin Atlas Co-Interview

JEFF FUNK'S MIDNIGHT READER PRESENTS a co-interview between male erotica authors, D. V. Sadero and Gavin Atlas. REVOLT OF THE NAKED by D. V. Sadero is available in paperback from Amazon and eBook for Kindle. LA PLAYITA by Gavin Atlas is available for Kindle & Nook.
A Top Writer Speaks with...a Bottom Writer

by D.V. Sadero & Gavin Atlas

Gavin: Hi Midnight Reader folks and hi Mr. Jeff. First, thanks to Jeff for letting me ramble about what was under my bed a few months ago, because that led D.V. Sadero to find me. Second, Jeff, I still haven't tried your favorite condoms, Crown Skinless Skin, but you've provided me with a provocative opening topic to talk about with Mr. Sadero.

So, Sir, have you tried Skinless Skin or do you have your own favorite condom? Or how about a favorite lubricant? And since you write some sci fi erotica, do you ever invent sex supplies that are somehow better than what actually exists?

D.V. I’ve been using a brand of condoms called Max. Not because I’m all that lengthy, but am somewhat thicker than many, and Max is a good fit in both directions. At the end of it all, though, condoms are a drag no matter how thin, but, hmm, maybe Skinless Skin is worth a try. Max is not all that unthick.

As for lubricant, I use whatever the other guy has around. When the sex is on the heavier side this is what I like to do: With the guy on his belly and me kneeling between his legs, I take his buns in my hands, spread them nice and wide, and lob a big gob of spit onto his asshole. And proceed from there. The only problem here is dry mouth, which, if we’ve been smokin’ that stuff beforehand, well...back to his lube. Or mine. I do have some, Satin brand.

So my question to you, Gavin, is, if a partner did this to you, would you find it too gross? Demeaning? Crudely practical? What if he asked/ordered you to spit in his hand so he could use it for lube on his cock?

Gavin: I don’t think I’d find it gross or demeaning, but I’m a wimp. If we didn’t have official water-based lube meant for condoms, I’d probably decide it would hurt too much and declare all sex canceled until further notice. (That sounds bossy, and I’m not like that. But if I think I might be injured, I bet I would balk.) Since there have been 24-hour drug stores near everywhere I’ve lived, “further notice” wouldn’t be more than thirty minutes. When I was about twenty-nine, I had what my boyfriend called a Hanukah Lube Experience in which we thought I only had enough lube for one night, but it somehow turned out to be enough for eight or so nights in a row. The brand was probably Wet or ID.

D.V. Going back to your question about sci fi sex inventions, in my Revolt of the Naked there’s a sex scene in the strange jungle of a far planet. The more experienced man, Seabreeze, says, “I want to reveal to you some secret things.” He holds out a jagged bit of purple leaf and says, “Chew this. It will make you passionate again.” His new friend, from a very different part of the planet, asks, “So soon? We've just come.” In a short while the young guy is having wildly sexual hallucinations. That’s when Seabreeze “took several bulbs from his hoard and squeezed a thick, musky liquid from them onto his hand. He applied the liquid to his lover’s cock. And to his lover’s nipples and his own.” This leads to an hour of intense sex play and the scene goes on from there.

These two handy items for jazzing up a sex scene are kind of far-in-the-future, distant-planet sex supplies. But in another chapter I do feature an item that literally “is better than what actually exists.” It’s a delicate, hollow flower bulb, which when popped open and the gas inside inhaled, sends one into primal sex ecstasy. Right, nature’s own poppers. But, since this is science fiction, the ecstasy lasts a good long while, and the gas smells very nice. -- That’s my fictional improvement on a real sex supply.

Gavin: Sir, when you’re developing a bottom boy character, what do you find are the most important things for the reader to know about him? What traits does he probably have to have for you to think both you and your audience are going to find this fellow irresistible?

D.V. The reader should know he has been around but just barely. (I don’t like writing loss-of-virginity scenes. Too limiting.) The boy should think his very limited experience has revealed all. The reader should be able to see how naive he really is. And should see how attractive he is to the older topman-- in looks, body, young-man charm. And in desire to learn, to explore, once he realizes how little he really knows about sex and manlove. Desire and trust, in the form of an eagerness to be led through the world of mansex by the topman. And willingness to be disciplined when he falls short of expectations. The boy can question, object to some activity or other, but he can’t refuse. The topman can take what he says into consideration, but the boy must be willing to perform as required. Must.

Gavin, what do you look for in a topman in your fiction? What grabs you and gives your gut that warm feeling? Age (Daddy? Brother? Mysteriously powerful "darkness" figure? Or...?)? Build? Hairiness? Size? How he comes on? How he lets you come on?

Gavin: In the past, I’d have said Older, Taller, Heavier, and Smarter. Those are still great, but now I don’t have prerequisites except confidence, aggressive lust, and usually, energy. Then I think I can write heat with top men of nearly any description from marines to drag queens, athletes to artists to aliens. However, I have yet to figure out versatility. Somehow that stops me like a record player breaking down in the middle of the music. I can’t even watch it in videos.

You asked about size, and in my writing, I put emphasis on endowment more often than not, but I also try to show that men of different sizes can all be skilled and powerful tops. Verbal dominance is more important—Highly aggressive flirting and raw praise that promise the bottom he’ll be fulfilling the top’s needs again. And again.

I’m considering what you said about the boy needing to be willing to perform as required. It seems like every time I have an in-depth discussion with a dominant top, I realize how bad I would be at living the life of my characters. I had a leather master boyfriend when I was twenty-eight. I was good for sex every day and for friendship, but I was not up for licking his boots or anything involving riding crops. If he wanted to get with other guys to satisfy those needs, that didn't bother me. I guess I wonder if it bothered him.

D.V. We all have several selves going, or more likely just several versions of one self. But hardly anyone is universally adaptable in all relationships. And at the end of it all, what turns one on/off can't be denied. Seems to be built-in.

Gavin: I don't know any of your other pseudonyms, but I know you have them. Do you write in other genres, and if so, what are they?

D.V. I just write erotica. I started some years ago when I'd had surgery and needed more money to pay off a loan faster than my day job could provide. So I cranked out some paperbacks at top speed. I’m glad they're in oblivion, under names I'll never tell anyone. The Sadero stuff, more recent efforts, I took some care in writing, and I’ve actually enjoyed the work involved. I've even been rewriting the stories in In The Alley for possible future publication.

Now, Gavin, I am curious about the parameters of being the bottom you personally are. So here are some questions.

From what you've written, I gather that switching roles is a complete no no for you. But have you ever tried being a top? How did you feel about it? Not interesting at all? Not interesting compared with being a bottom? Bottom as a dominant obsession without pleasure? Or with overwhelming pleasure?

Gavin: I’ve never tried it and do not plan to. I think versatility is healthier psychologically, so I explore my hang ups in therapy and plan to in fiction. In my life, the No Topping Ever rule stems from an abuse mentality where I don’t want to do anything someone else might not want. Being the top would mean I’d be the “lust-filled bad man”. I’m only comfortable with being the good boy allowing the top to vent his pent-up frustrations.

I realize the way I think is not healthy, and thus, therapy. That’s also probably why my erotica is going in different directions. First, darker and more serious stories where the bottom is exploring his shame and sex-negative psyche like “Engine of Repression”. Second, somewhat healthier stories where the bottom and top character are close in age and where the bottom needs no rescuing. (“Pink Cowboy Hat”, “Blue Star Boy”) Third, a continuation of fantasies I need to get out of my system where the bottom boy is certainly exploited, but it’s clearer now that he’s happy (“The Laius League”, “The Full Ride”) or that his new dominant is a wonderful guy rescuing him from bad men. (“Daddies in Damian” “Hercules to the Rescue”).

So, for me, yes, total permanent bottom boy. While I don’t think that’s best for most people, as long as I have a partner who is happy with that, I’m not too worried.

D.V. Are all the fucks you take the same to you? Or do you appreciate a man who uses his skills to excite you as much as he can? And do you seek out such a man again, for more? Do you try to make nice with him so he'll stay interested? Or do you want to be done by every man once?

Gavin: I definitely want a connection. Frequently guys who came over for sex were surprised how often they stayed for conversation as well as how much they revealed. (I’m tempted to go into detail as to why my tendency to be promiscuous is “not my fault” but we’ll leave it with “I’m exploring the roots of promiscuity as best as possible.”) What I’ve noticed is that if a guy is not nice and not good sex, I will want to see him once or twice more so I feel like I must have been good enough to come back for more. If a guy is nice or is nice and good sex, then absolutely, I’d love to see him again. No matter what, I want to talk to the guy again online or in some other fashion because I don’t like the idea of a true one night stand. I like friendship.

The problems lie in two directions. I’m affectionate and to be less than humble, men tended to fall for me and want monogamy. Truthfully, I often fell just as hard even if the conflict between wanting the man to be happy and not wanting monogamy felt quite difficult. Until a few years ago, I didn’t feel I was mentally healthy enough to be a good boyfriend to anyone.

The second problem was bad men who were good sex tended to occupy my mind, and I’m sure that has to do with sex free from shame and responsibility. (It’s not my fault. I had to. Et cetera.)

As far as being done by every man once? Nope. Every man lots of times, with hugs and friendship and swears that the bad men I can’t get away from will get punched in the nose. That sounds nice, although I don’t actually want anyone injured on my account. I’m fairly certain that did happen once, and I still feel sad.

I should add that I’ve never been quite as promiscuous as I make myself sound. What I wanted to do and what I did weren’t often the same thing for reasons like safety and the desire not to hurt anyone. Also, I’m in my longest relationship now and it is a monogamous one. This is the first time I feel I have a boyfriend who deserves it since he, I’m certain, is monogamous while the others were not. He’s also devoted to me and very interested in me sexually. Not sure I can think of any way I could ask for better.

D.V. Once a top has his cock in you, is there any position you won't take, anything you won't do? If so, is this a matter of personal taste/revulsion? Or are you trying to make the top get rough, force you to do his will, please him?

Gavin: Wow, great question. I think you’re asking because of stories like “Claiming Danny” or “The Boy Can’t Help It” where the characters clearly prefer being on their backs while other positions hurt or are less pleasurable. I would say, yes, that’s my preference, but I did not have much experience with (consensual) sex until around age twenty-seven, so it took me a while to figure out that different positions or acts could feel okay. It took me longest to figure out that “cowboy style” was not me being the aggressor if that’s what the top wanted. It was me being agreeable and submissive enough to give the top his druthers even if that’s not a position that turns me on since I feel much less vulnerable. The same with jerking myself off during sex or allowing a top to blow me. Those are explored in “Cole State’s Top Recruit” and “Engine of Repression”. Even though I may not have felt right to be receiving pleasure, I’m being a “good boy” by doing it or allowing it if that pleases my top.

D.V. Are you obedient from the start, or only during the actual sex? Do you return to “equal status” after it’s over? Or continue submissive?

Gavin: It’s difficult for me to leave power dynamics in the bedroom. I have a naturally submissive personality to the point that I find myself not only asking for advice, but asking permission when I want to do something, even if it’s totally unrelated to sex. However, part of it truly is an underlying sexual current: I have a “Claiming Danny” mentality, so it’s easier for sex to be hot, less confusing, or guilt laden if my partner dominates me in all aspects of life. That’s been a problem in past relationships, but to counter that, I think the closest I can come to a healthy, equal relationship is to date someone younger. My boyfriend is still smarter (in many ways), more accomplished, more confident, physically stronger, et cetera, but I think that’s okay. First, he makes me feel valued, and second, I suspect even the healthiest relationships with the clearest communication still have some power imbalances, frustrations, and insecurities.

Sir, I want you to make everyone need - not want - need to devour Revolt of the Naked - so please, sir, describe your favorite fantasies from the novel in graphic detail.

D.V. I think my favorite single scene from Revolt of the Naked is this one, here boiled down somewhat from its printed form in Chapter 2.

It’s necessary to know a few things beforehand: We are far in the future, on Talanta, farthest inhabited planet from Earth in the universe. The climate is quite warm, and the men wear only skimpy loincloths. A plague has killed all the women many years ago. And there has been no communication from Earth of any kind since the time of the plague. As almost all the advanced devices brought from Earth long ago have broken down and can no longer be repaired, life has become fairly primitive. There are farmers and townsmen (Freemen), and almost everyone has one or more slaves, the Nakeds, men forbidden to wear any clothes and totally unable to resist any order given by their masters. There are Jungle Men, who hate the slave society around them and have settled far away to create a better one. Besides the slaves there is a subgroup of men who have been caught taking cock up the ass. They’re scorned, called The Fucked, and can only make their living by prostitution. Socially, among the Freemen there is nothing worse than being a Fucked.

The scene:

Dayton, a tanned, burly, heavily muscled farmer, has come to town for a big annual festival. In the evening he wanders over to the Field of Love, a torchlit grassy area where men gather to hang out and pair off. Dayton sees a dice game and wants to try his luck. He notices one man winning right and left, a pale professional gambler named Zagreb. Beautiful body and face, but Dayton is especially turned on by the man’s small white buns.

“Hey,” Zagreb says, “doesn’t anybody want to play any more? Come on, you country boys, loosen up.”

Arrogantly, Dayton challenges Zagreb to a game, proposing that the winner would get all the coins the loser has, and his ass. Zagreb agrees, sneering at the farmer, saying “I haven’t drilled a country guy’s hairy, dusty butthole in a while.” He rips aside his loincloth to show a very long and pale cock, its pink head peeking forth through thick puckers of white foreskin. It dangles down over a huge pair of red balls.

Dayton keeps himself covered up until they are well into the five rounds they’ve decided upon. Then he brings forth his big, dark slab of half-hard prick and, as if absentmindedly, slowly strokes it. Zagreb tries not to be distracted by the farmer’s enormous and ugly meat.

The townsmen hope to see the loudmouth farmer have to take cock, and the farmers ache to see Dayton fuck hell out of the smartass, pretty-boy gambler.

Dayton wins, grabs the leather bag of coins from Zagreb’s loincloth, which comes loose and falls to the ground, leaving Zagreb naked. Terrified, he backs away, but the men who have been watching and jacking themselves now grab him, force him to his knees.

Dayton lubricates his dark cock, and as he crouches down over Zagreb he slides his foreskin back off his huge, blunt, red cockhead. Gripping Zagreb’s shoulders Dayton slowly and steadily urges his ironhard cock into Zagreb’s virgin ass.

Zagreb screams, fights to get free of the many hands that hold him down and also from the cock that Dayton is slowly moving in and out as he gazes at the small white butt and grunts with pleasure all the while.

Dayton lowers his big, muscular body flat down onto Zagreb, forcing him him flat to the ground. As he wraps his powerful arms around Zagreb’s arms and chest, he orders his farmer friends to let go of the gambler’s body.

Zagreb strives to escape, twisting and turning in Dayton’s grip. Each move only excites Dayton more. As his victim squirms and screams, the farmer pumps faster and faster, harsher and harsher. Zagreb’s muscles throb and twist around the ever more deeply invading cock, and Dayton suddenly feels his juice rise beyond his control as it blazes up his vibrantly stiff meat to shoot forth deep into Zagreb. Dayton pumps as hard and fast as he can for as long as he continues coming. Finally he loosens his grip, rises up on straightened arms to show all the men gathered around that Zagreb is not even struggling any more. Dayton pulls out and lies back on the ground, laughing and breathing hard.

Zagreb gets to his feet. He sees the hard cocks on the men all around him. Hands reach for him. He runs away from the torchlight and into the darkness. A number of men follow after him.

So, that’s my favorite scene. I guess. Of course there’s that loving fuck in the jungle, using natural stimulants growing all around the two young lovers. And there’s young Cairo, driving all the men in the bar out of their heads with his erotic dancing. And two Jungle Men making deeply felt, very skilled love. And some of the hairier scenes when the Nakeds revolt. And—but enough.

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