STORYTELLERS MASTERCLASS · Lawrence Block and Robert Silverberg

The UPS man brought this the other day and I'm looking forward to the read. CAMPUS TRAMP by Lawrence Block published by Creeping Hemlock Press. The paperback is so attractive, though, I'll probably flip Kindle pages instead. While I was at it, I preordered a copy of HIT ME, the fifth Keller novel.

Watch more clips on Storytellers from Pulp retro channel

On another occasion, the handsome UPS man, dressed in tight-in-all-the-right-places brown pants, dropped this at my door. GANG GIRL/SEX BUM by Don Elliot (aka Robert Silverberg). I plan to gobble up every word and I fret that by the end of the day I'll have purchased an e-copy of The Longest Way Home. That or the newly announced We Are for the Dark due soon from Subterranean Press.

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