Welcome to the Real World (A Story From the Dark Side) by Lawrence Block

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  1. I just checked: you're still good. FREE, by golly.

    How much does free cost?


  2. So in that case, you might want to click HERE to get yourself a FREE copy of A Story from the Dark Side by Lawrence Block, a series of twelve tales. Lunch break reading. Escape.

    Welcome to the Real World (A Story from the Dark Side) by Lawrence Block — completely free. No strings.

  3. I used to be a total barfly. I didn't drink, mind you. I was there for the cruising. Nevertheless, in order to be social, I'd order a bottle of water from the sexy bartender. Now this dinky thing cost me $2—and here's the kicker: in my neck of the woods, it's customary to fork over a buck as a tip. The hell!? So for years—too many, in fact—I foisted $3 at bartenders' clammy hands multiple times a night, filling their pockets plenty.

    And now? I stay at home and I drink my water for free. I still get the urge to blow my money. Hell, it seems like it's burning a hole in my pocket at times. It's just such a shame that Amazon makes it fuckin' difficult to buy eBooks at reasonable prices.

    No, wait. It's not difficult at all. In fact, it's too easy. Click and get an intriguing story. Jonesin' for a fix? You get it fast, friend. Escape. Ah, yes. One minute you're stuck at work, the next you're on an adventure.

    For addictive personality types, you'd better watch yourselves. It's easy to develop a Lawrence Block habit.

    Meantime, FREE! Which is a whole dollar less than I would be losin' to a bartender just for handing me something that came out of a hose. The lesson here folks is, you can always stay at home and drink your own damn water.