MAPPLETHORPE by Robert Mapplethorpe

Buckle your seat belts before you flip to the photography within the red pages—smack in the center. The first time I saw this book was in the early '90s at Pages for all Ages in Champaign, Illinois. True to its name, all generations were there. As an elderly woman approached, I quickly snapped the book shut, and the sound surprised her and me both. Mainly, I didn't want to kill her off—'cause a mere glimpse could have done the job. To be honest, I wasn't so sure I wanted to be gay anymore after I saw these pictures. Then I came to my senses. For years, I hid this in the bottom drawer of my printer stand. Now it's hiding in plain sight mixed in with a bunch of over-sized music collections. I made this lamp in the eighth grade and it still works.

(Scribble a whisper)

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